Cafe Friends

Cafe Theatre Productions work tirelessly to bring theatre that provokes issues relevant to society. Our company and productions are committed to address issues that are taboo and to speak the unspeakable. However we can not do this without your help. 

On this page are the names of the Cafe Friends who have given funds or in-kind resources to enable us to produce the pilot production of Far From Fiction. 

Cafe Friends
Please become a Cafe Friend. Support us by donating through our website via our paypal account.

You can support us by sending cash or cheques or by volunteering help or resources in kind. Please contact us filling the form here.

When you donate we add your name or company logo to our special list of Cafe Friends. 

Cafe Theatre Friends

Helen O’Connor, Wendy Bloomer, Thomas Schröter, Johanne Newstead, Annie Morrison, Gerhard Wilke, Dominique Lepori, Ann Twiselton, Nick Abadzis, Alexis Sanghera, Cynthia Renaud, Margot Schiemann, Dorothee Venrath, Ruddolf Balmer, Irene Samuel, Bernard Taylor, Silke Ziehl, Timothy Willis, Alison Lindsay, Jessica Higgs, Wiebke Rüegg-Kulenkampff.



For support, encouragement and ideas our heartfelt thanks go to

  • John Galvin

  • Helen O’Connor

  • Selene Woods

  • Christina Crowther

  • Ewa Radwan

  • Jo Newstead

  • Belinda McKenzie

  • John Woods

  • Rabyah Manzoor

  • Levana Marshall

  • Kerry Irvine

  • Bernard Taylor

  • Michael Prescott

  • Sue Bevan

  • Anne-Marie Salm

  • Gerhard Wilke